Bone Broth and Bullet Journals

Now, don’t jump down my throat and accuse me of circulating “fake news” about what “cures” coronavirus. I am not claiming to know what cures or prevents the virus! However, I am a long time student of holistic medicine and I can tell you that it is ALWAYS a smart idea to support your immune system. Would it not be intuitive, even logical, to support your immune system precisely while you are trying to protect yourself from an illness — even if that illness is previously unknown?

So, I am drinking kombucha daily, and eating garlic cloves in my favorite green olives, and today when I make it out to the store I will buy some good quality bone broth. These things always make me feel healthy and strong — so why not now?

I am not telling you to do exactly what I do (though you could always copy my suggestions if you are at a loss.) What I am suggesting, really, is that you do what you know how to do to make yourself feel healthy. What do you do to take care of yourself? Eat oranges. Drink smoothies. Make a salad with your meal. The bottom line is, take good care of yourselves people!

On a related note, our immunity is affected by stress. We are all going to be stressed and experience anxiety during this time. Even if we don’t watch the news (which, really, once in a while, we should) just staying cooped up at home can be stressful in and of itself. Thinking about the economy, the sick people, the doctors without masks, worrying about our parents — these things make us MORE prone to illness. We need to counteract this by making an effort to take care of ourselves, and many of us are not used to taking time to consciously do this.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Take time to enjoy cooking healthy
  • Download a meditation app (Stop, Think, and Breathe is my favorite) or watch meditation videos on YouTube
  • Try some gentle stretching. You don’t need to know any advanced yoga to sit on the floor and stretch your hamstrings, twist your back, lift your arms, and breathe.
  • If you do know yoga, now’s the time to practice. EVERYONE is streaming live classes right now. Or just do your thing!
  • Listen to your favorite music regularly. Music is very healing. Turn off the tv and soak it in.
  • READ. Pull your favorite book off the shelf and re-read it. Go online and download the Libby app to checkout free digital library books!
  • Go for walk. Your dog will love you even more. If you don’t have a dog, your heart will thank you for the ability to pump, and your lungs will thank you for the fresh air. You might even get the chance to smile and say hi to someone — which, I can tell you, feels like a huge relief these days.
  • Go for a DRIVE! Feel the sun on your face. Take in the scenery! There is no one to cough or sneeze on you when you are in your car, and you can get some space and perspective for a longer amount of time, safely.
  • Finaly — do as I say, do as I do: start your own journal or blog! If you don’t want to pay the $4/mo. wordpress fee, you can make a blog for free on Weebly or Wix. Now’s the time to let that creativity shine! Get your thoughts out, experiment with language, with style, with form.
  • Last thought – Google “bullet journal.” It’s been a trend all year but who in the heck had the time to make one? Now YOU, lucky you, have the time to make one of these AWESOME journals and yours will be amazing! Not only will it be beautiful, creative, and fun to make, but it will help you plan and organize your life at home 🙂

Happy handwashing!


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