Out of Touch

A shift has occurred in the way people relate to each other out there, and it’s worrying. Week 1 is over. For the majority of the week, people were exceptionally kind; friendly; without the ability to touch, they reached out emotionally.

By Sunday, all that has changed. People have stopped making eye contact. If I so much as clap my hands in public, I am sure to gather about four suspicious glances: putting two hands together must spread germs somehow, right?

Even more than that: Just passing a stranger while walking my dog, they are afraid to say hello. As if opening their mouth to speak will open them to infection. It will bring them bad luck to interact in any way. I don’ t think they understand this ‘social distancing’ so well, after all.

Hello, people! Don’t let the word ‘social’ scare you so much! This doesn’t mean you have to stop communicating, stop smiling, stop loving, stop living your life! As I tell my seventh graders most every day: “Just keep your hands to yourself.” These have become words to live by. 🙂

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