No News Is Good News

I stopped watching the news. Normally, yes, I sort of look down on people who don’t watch the news and I think they are deluding themselves. Don’t cut yourself off from reality, people! But increasingly, I can’t handle it. It’s the same bad news, intensified, day after day after boring, stressful day. My anxiety level is through the roof and if I see Donald Trump’s face or hear his voice, green Jell-O might come shooting out of my eyes and ears. In short, I can’t take it anymore.

My new goal is to be one of those people who lives in their own reality. Their own, nice little world where nothing going on outside can bother them. I wake up, I do yoga, I make breakfast. I listen to music, I write, I send some emails. I study, I teach, I journal, I blog. I walk the dog, I have lunch, listen to more music while I work on my Brand New Bullet Journal! This thing is the new highlight of my life by the way. I hang with my love and maybe we’ll watch a movie — a light, vapid move that is pure Hollywood escapism. Yes, we know what Hollywood is good for 🙂 Then I listen to a meditation podcast and fall asleep in bed before it is over. Voila — a perfect, stress-free day.

I like my new life much better. I know what is going on around me, but I choose to ignore it. Why bother? Is my worry going to solve anything? I keep my hands clean, you sneeze into your elbow, we stand 6 feet apart and we definitely don’t ever shake hands. Hell, I’m lucky if you’ll even make eye contact with me when we pass on the sidewalk these days. There are enough little reminders everywhere to keep the stress flowing. No, what I need to focus on is Yo-Yo Ma’s #songsofcomfort and Nicole Krauss’ “The History of Love,” a cup of tea and a nice soft blanket around my feet as I lie on the couch and read.

Happy tuning, everyone!

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