Out of Touch

Just passing a stranger while walking my dog, they are afraid to say hello. As if opening their mouth to speak will open them to infection. It will bring them bad luck to interact in any way. I don’ t think they understand this ‘social distancing’ so well, after all.

Bone Broth and Bullet Journals

Now, don’t jump down my throat and accuse me of circulating “fake news” about what “cures” coronavirus. I am not claiming to know what cures or prevents the virus! However, I am a long time student of holistic medicine and I can tell you that it is ALWAYS a smart idea to support your immuneContinue reading “Bone Broth and Bullet Journals”

Corona-Crisis, Week 2 (approximately)

To begin… my personal history with the rise of the coronacrisis can be traced through my communication of it to my 7th grade students over the past few weeks. I first started hearing students blurt out, “coronavirus!” when someone would cough, or say it for no reason instead of “cooties” when they wanted to teaseContinue reading “Corona-Crisis, Week 2 (approximately)”